Girl drama and the VMAs

My old ass hasn’t watched MTV in close to a decade but this Sunday I might just have to put down the knitting needles so I can get jiggity with the kiddies. This year’s VMAs should have plenty of shade-throwing, side-eyin and ohnotheydidnt moments.

But the really strange part is that the person at the center of all the drama (or gossip fuel as I like to call it) is none other than Taylor Swift—the human version of cold fish sticks and stale granola.

It all started when Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video (which is about her beef with Katy Perry) snagged a video of the year nomination while Nicki Minaj’s butt tribute video, “Anaconda” didn’t. Nicki took to Twitter to express her outrage and claimed that videos that celebrate “women with very slim bodies” get all the love.

Taylor saw this as a personal attack and tsk-tsked Nicki for pitting women against each other.

Taylor also graciously offered to bring loserface Nicki up onstage should she win, so that sad little Nicki could have the chance bask in the glow of Taylor’s awesomeness.

This did not go over well. The whole internet was like “aw hell no!” and Swift, swiftly issued a mea culpa to Nicki.

But by then, Katy Perry had tweeted some cryptic nonsense about how Taylor was a hypocrite for accusing Nicki of pitting women against each other when “Bad Blood” is all about Taylor hating on another woman.

I guess Miley Cyrus felt left. She threw in her own diss aimed at Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video when she told Marie Claire magazine that she didn’t get “the violence revenge thing.” She also questioned why she’s considered a “bad role model” just because she likes to show her titties while Taylor’s considered a “good example” when she glorifies guns in her video.

Dissing Taylor while making it seem like she’s just trying to take a moral stance on gun violence shows that Miley really has stepped up her shade game. And if the gossip blogs are correct, there could be a lot more shade thrown Taylor’s way when Miley hosts the VMAs.
I’ll certainly be watching but in the meantime, this video mocking all the VMA drama by Paro Deez is everything. Seriously, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Enjoy!

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