Topless Femen activists disrupt Muslim conference on women. (Source: The Telegraph)

Queen bees be holding women back in the workplace.
(Source: Forbes)

Matt Damon whitemansplains diversity to “Dear White People” producer Effie Brown and now #Damonsplaining is a thing.
(Source: Hollywood Life)

Sienna Miller says “bye bitch” (in my head, at least) and walks away from a Broadway play after she learned she’d be paid less than half of what her male costar would make.  #KnowYourWorth
(Source: Celebitchy)

A U.K. woman was found guilty of sexual assault for pretending to be a man “to trick” her female friend into having sex with her while wearing a blindfold.
(Source: The Guardian)

Move over thigh gap, thigh brow is coming to snatch your wig and take your trophy!
(Source: Paper)

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