Six hilarious whitewashing Stonewall memes

In theory, the upcoming “Stonewall” movie should’ve had widespread support from people in the LGBT community. Based on the trailer, it looks like a feel-good civil rights flick.

See for yourself here:

But instead of celebrating, several LGBT activists are fuming because the film seems to do a crappy job of highlighting the non-white and transgender people who bravely fought during the struggle.

Many credit Marsha P.Johnson, a black drag queen, and Sylvia Rivera, a Puerto Rican transgender woman, as being the people responsible for sparking the riots. But instead of depicting this, the film centers around a fictional, cisgender, white, gay man named Danny.

The outrage has gotten so intense, that an online petition urging people to boycott the film has already collected over twenty thousand signatures.

In response to the backlash, Roland Emmerich, the film’s director, released a statement assuring people that when the film finally hits theaters “…audiences will see that it deeply honors the real-life activists who were there…”

Well, we’ll just have to wait to see about that. But in the meantime, several hilarious memes highlighting the film’s apparent whitewashing and trans erasure of the Stonewall riots have been circulating on the internet. Here are six of the funniest.

1.) You know there had to be at least one “Straight Outta Compton” meme on the list. 


2.) But really, everyone could use a magical white savior in their life.


3.) No comment

4.) “Danny enthusiastically presenting the march route with Cesar Chavez.” —Alejandro Juarez

5.) “Danny interrupts Bernie Sanders during his speech for omitting people of color from his populist agenda.”–Alejandro Juarez

Alejandro Juarez
Alejandro Juarez

6.) “Rosa! Why are you sitting down? Come on, let’s take the wheel!!!” —Alejandro Juarez (lol, in the voice of Danny)

In addition to memes, there’s also a parody of the original trailer.

Lol, “Who the F**K is Danny?” indeed.


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