The five funniest Rachel Dolezal memes

So by now everyone and their mama knows all about Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane NAACP who lied about being African American.

The story posed so many questions. Why did she feel the need to misrepresent herself? Why did her parents out her? What does this story say about race in America? Is transracial even really a thing? And perhaps most pressing, how the F did she manage to keep up with all those Afrocentric hairstyles, given that her natural hair is quite blonde and quite straight.

The story has also proven to be comedy gold and spurred a boatload of hilarious memes. Here are five of the funniest.

1.) That damn dress

My eyes still interpret the dress on the right as white and gold.

2.) “Soul Man”

Seriously, how many layers of offensive was this movie!

3.) Call me…

So wrong!

4.) Sike! 

But I ain’t mad at cha.

5.) Let your soul what?

IMO, Sexual Chocolate rocked it better.

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