The Power Of Money And Fame

A new coroner’s report on the death of Natalie Wood suggests that she sustained bruises and scratches shortly before she drowned in 1981. Already those rumors about her husband, actor Robert Wagner, being involved but getting off scot-free have started to creep back into discussions about Wood’s mysterious death.

Is this another instance where the saying: “In Hollywood if you murder your wife, you don’t go to prison, you just pay a fine” rings true?

We may never know, but it’s certainly not the first time a man of wealth and fame walked free despite incriminating evidence. Here’s a list of other notorious cases:

– Robert Blake:  Arrested and charged in connection with the 2001 murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. Two people claimed Blake had tried to hire them to kill Bakley. Their testimony was ripped apart by Blake’s defense team and he was ultimately acquitted in 2005.

– William Kennedy Smith: Tried for a rape in 1991. Testimony from three women who claimed he had sexually assaulted them in the 1980s was excluded from the trial. Smith was eventually acquitted.

– O. J. Simpson: Perhaps the most infamous out of all these type of cases. Simpson was tried for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Police strongly suspected Simpson based on evidence at the scene of the murder. After a legendary trial Simpson was acquitted.

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