Tweet Beat: Sorry, Tomi Lahren’s not sorry for being white

When you think about the consequences of racism in America, the first image your brain conjures up probably isn’t a white person jumping off a bridge, or in front of a train, because they’re shook up from watching “12 Years a Slave.”

That isn’t the case for Fox News personality Tomi Lahren. In Tomi’s world, the sin of making white people feel bad about racism, is our nation’s greatest racial grievance. And since abolishing white guilt is her raison d’etre, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a New York Times op-ed with the provocative title, “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?,” pissed the self-described “race warrior” the F**K off.

In fact, it pissed her off so much, she decided to publicly declare that she would never apologize for being white.

This of course led to a lot of questions. So many questions…

Like, would she reconsider if it was for a, really, REALLY good cause?

Does she even know that rule number one of White People Club is to not talk about White People Club?

Can other members of White People Club apologize on her behalf?

It turns out that several members of White People Club felt compelled to apologize on her behalf.

And the irony of this wasn’t lost on some keen-eyed observers.

But in the end, @GabbaGabbaMeh had the best observation about Tomi Lahren’s latest campaign for racial justice.

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