Tweet Beat: Labor Day and the #FightFor15

This Labor Day, there were (of course!) the usual “thank a union” shout outs…

The POTUS tweeted something about American hands and the future…

…and was later dragged when it was discovered that Melania’s $2,255 dress was made in Italy.

But amidst all the love for unions and American body parts, this year people were tweeting about the #FightFor15, as fast-food workers seeking a $15 minimum wage, staged rallies across the country.

Of course, not everyone thinks raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is a good idea. Some insist that this will inevitably lead to workers being replaced by machines…

There’s also that one mindfuck quote by Murray N. Rothbard that made the rounds about how, when you really think about it, increasing the minimum wage doesn’t just lead to layoffs, it’s the same thing as outlawing jobs!

Mind. Fuck.

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Others seemed to champion something that sounds an awful lot like class discrimination, by arguing that fast food workers aren’t real workers and therefore shouldn’t be entitled to fancy perks like a living wage.

Speaking of entitlements, some pointed out that if we raised wages for the poorest and stopped letting the extremely wealthy wriggle out of paying taxes, we’d address our growing debt and a little problem known as income inequality.

And speaking of income inequality, some pointed out that it’s not such a little problem after all…

Other people highlighted the minimum wage in other countries.

But in the end, this simple, cut-through-the-bullshit tweet summed up the situation better that any meme or chart.

On behalf of “not real workers” everywhere…slow. clap.

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Cover photo via @fightfor15

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