Required reading

5.) The humiliating practice of sex-testing female athletes (The New York Times)
Notable quote: “No governing body has so tenaciously tried to determine who counts as a woman for the purpose of sports as the I.A.A.F. and the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.). Those two influential organizations have spent a half-century vigorously policing gender boundaries. Their rationale for decades was to catch male athletes masquerading as women, though they never once discovered an impostor. Instead, the athletes snagged in those efforts have been intersex women — scores of them.”

4.) The feminist porn website helping sexual assault survivors reclaim their bodies (Vice)
Notable quote: “If you watch porn, you’ve probably experienced it; browsing for something that appeals to you sexually, and instead opening up something way more sinister. For victims of rape or sexual assault, the risk is even greater. If sex has been used as a weapon against you, the last thing you want to see is something that reminds you of that violence and trauma.”

3.) Here’s the real reason black women are upset about Kyrie Irving’s ‘all white girls’ yacht party (The Root)
Notable quote:
“It’s not that black women were eager to get aboard a yacht and be ‘smutted out.’ It’s that Irving’s lily-white celebration was a reminder that when some black men feel like they’ve arrived, their symbol of success isn’t a woman who looks like their mother or sister but, rather, a white woman, while the black women who were loyal when that same black man struggled are discarded as if they’re valueless. Irving’s boat party was yet another example of a black man who, when he gets on, ‘he leave your ass for a white girl.'”

2.) Choosing myself over white people (The Daily Californian)
Notable quote: “Person-of-color-only circles are healing and necessary because of how inherently supportive and affirmative they are. Sharing experiences with people of a similar background reaffirms that we aren’t alone in our experiences of oppression. Without feeling the need to protect white people’s feelings, the conversations in POC-only spaces flow more freely and misconceptions within our own communities can then be addressed.”

1.) I’m a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing (Vox)
Notable quote: 
“It is not only white officers who abuse their authority. The effect of institutional racism is such that no matter what color the officer abusing the citizen is, in the vast majority of those cases of abuse that citizen will be black or brown. That is what is allowed.

And no matter what an officer has done to a black person, that officer can always cover himself in the running narrative of heroism, risk, and sacrifice that is available to a uniformed police officer by virtue of simply reporting for duty.”


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