Style retrospective: Mallory Keaton

I’ve always broken 80s fashion down into three distinct categories, tacky, unflattering and tacky/unflattering. The following pictures illustrate this point.

Tacky compyunflattering compytacky-unflattering compy

So imagine my surprise when a few episodes deep into a “Family Ties” Netflix binger, it dawned on me that Mallory Keaton’s wardrobe is so timeless, figure flattering and effortlessly cool. Her character had a penchant for wearing vivid shades of blue and purple (which suited her coloring perfectly) and rocking comfy statement sweaters. Seriously, Mallory Keaton was by far the most stylishly dressed Keaton and pretty much the most stylish person in her suburban Ohio town. Sure, Alex might have been the smart one, but when it came to making early 80s prep look fresh and fly, Mallory owned it.

Apparently, my Mallory Keaton fashion love doesn’t make me special. There are entire websites, devoted to celebrating her clothes., for example,  actually goes so far as to offer a “comprehensive rundown, in chronological order” of every outfit Mallory Keaton wore.

The show ran from 1982 until 1989 and as “Family Ties” moved into the thick of the 80s, Mallory’s style was at times more kitsch than timeless. However, in the earlier seasons her look was almost always on point.

So because I have a boring ass life, I decided to make a list of Mallory Keaton’s top 13 signature looks. I then I felt compelled to share this list with the Internet.

Your welcome Internet 😉

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